Whistler 2018 part 1

We start with the first part of the Whistler expedition, a big preparation of the team, a lot of road and a first day of riding on the menu! This year, we have opted for a slightly more documentary approach that allows you to better understand the preparation behind this type of trip and to make us live together our journeys all over North America.

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Whistler 2018 part 2

Relive the last 3 days of our Whistler trip! Different conditions and more difficult than our trip last year, but a last memorable day that makes us dream about our next trip! Thanks to Christian Gagnon for guiding us throughout our stay in Whistler.

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Wyoming 2018

Wyoming is definitely one of our favorite riding spots so far. It's a beautiful mix between open spots and tree riding. There is alot of snow and the conditions were flawless. Thanks to Austin Mcdaniel and Cody Hunt for guiding us throughout our stay in Wyoming.

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Massif du Sud 2018

A return to the sources, for this last episode of the season, in the Massif du Sud area. The Boily brothers from Backcountry Saguenay have joined us for a weekend with spring conditions.

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Massif du Sud 2017

For several years, even before the creation of Trenchers, Benoit and Maxime rided the spot of the Massif du Sud. We wanted to start the new season by launching the Massif du Sud expedition which is a bit of a hometown for the guys. This episode is also an official presentation of Trenchers, a sharing of what motivates us to always evolve the material offered and improve our products. The shooting turned in our favor and we had two beautiful sunny days before finishing with a rainy day.

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Pointe-à-la-croix 2017

For this second expedition, the Trenchers team traveled to Gaspesie, specifically in the Baie des Chaleurs area at Pointe-à-la-Croix, for a 3-day shoot where the rain was also on the shooting. The snow conditions were hard, but the team still managed to find some good spots and made the trip fun. Definitely a beautiful area to discover for backcountry lovers!

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Monts-Valins 2017

For several seasons, Trenchers riders heard about the Monts-Valin region, where there is a lot of snow falling. For this 3rd 2016-2017 expedition, the Trenchers team visited Pat Bill. The snow conditions were incredible, the lakes were inviting, but our riders never stand far from the trees.

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Whistler 2017

Here it is, the last expedition and our favorite, Whistler with Chris Brown from Ride Whistler and Christian Gagnon! It was a first for the whole team, as much for the riders as the film crew to be able to ride and film in such conditions. The whole team learned a lot on this trip and it is certainly a destination that we will revisit in the coming years. For the people of Eastern Canada, it’s a journey you need to do in a lifetime ... With an organization like Ride Whistler it’s all easier, get in touch with them to make your dream come true! We kept you a nice little surprise at the end of the video :)

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