Massif du Sud 2017

For several years, even before the creation of Trenchers, Benoit and Maxime rided the spot of the Massif du Sud. We wanted to start the new season by launching the Massif du Sud expedition which is a bit of a hometown for the guys. This episode is also an official presentation of Trenchers, a sharing of what motivates us to always evolve the material offered and improve our products. The shooting turned in our favor and we had two beautiful sunny days before finishing with a rainy day.


Making of

Several small adventures occurred during the shooting of the episode. We lost one of our GoPro during the first day of shooting. Fortunately, after viewing the footage on one of our phone, we were able to spot where Guillaume L's camera had broken off from Benoit's snowmobile.

Yan also tasted Guillaume M's medicine on the first day. Result? See the picture for yourself!

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What we like

Playground near Quebec City, lots of snow in the area and spots are accessible within 20 minutes.

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