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Can your PRO RMK a-arms be installed on an RMK Assault or Switchback Assault?

No, the length of your suspensions is longer. You must either shim, cut or change your shocks.

Can your Polaris 2013-2018 a-arms be installed on previous models (2012 and under)?

No, the length of your suspensions is longer. You must either shim, cut or change your shocks.

What is the exact width in the center of the ski?

The product name is always the minimum of the measure. So the 36 kit is 36 to 38 inches, and so on. This data is approximate because it also depends on several factors (suspension preload, etc.)

What is the installation time?

It depends on your model and the brand of your machine. A Polaris kit 39 can take about 30-45 minutes and a 36 BRP 3 to 4 hours.

Do you have an installation video?

Yes, for Polaris kits:

Are the a-arm heavier than original?

Yes, because we use chromoly and not aluminum. The difference is not major vis-à-vis the increase in durability.

Can we have other colors than black for the a-arm?

Not yet, there are far too many colors in the manufacturers. Maybe in the future we can offer this option.

Are you going to make other products?

Yes, we continue to develop other product lines, but we always want to test and ensure quality before sale to the public. Follow us on social networks to don’t miss anything.

Your a-arms are stronger, but can they damage the chassis?

Our a-arms are much stronger than original, but not at the point of damaging your chassis. They will fold before. On all our customers, we have never had a problem with broken frames.

Can we keep our original shocks, no other changes to make?

If your machine is in the list or description of the product there is no change to make.

If I break an a-arm, are you going to sell them individually?

Yes everything is available directly online on the website. You can write us to check the inventory.

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