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*new updated version*

5/8 or 1/2 replacement balljoint for Trenchers Polaris & Arctic-Cat a-arm kit with nut included.

  • Chromoly 4130 heat treated
  • Chrome plated
  • Teflon lined
  • 5/8 fit on 36" 2016-2021 Arctic-Cat lower a-arm
  • Fit on 39" 2013-2018, 36" 2013-2018 and 36" 2019-21 lower (5/8) and upper a-arm (1/2) for PRO RMK
  • Nut is included with each balljoint.

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Yes with a 15% fee if the product is in perfect condition.

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Yes, 1 year on manufacturing defects.

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Yes, Purolator calculates shipping costs directly on our website.

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