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Sports drink made from natural health products, tailor-made for intense activities. Maintain a high level of energy throughout your activity and stay hydrated with electrolytes.

This sports drink is available in 2 different formats: in a sachet to mix with water or ready-to-drink. The 2 formats offer a drink of 475 ml.

Ingredients – Shot
Medicinal (per serving of 10,5g): l-leucine 150mg, l-glutamine 1500mg, l-citrulline 1130mg, l-valine 75mg, l-isoleucine 75mg, caffeine 160mg, vitamin c 100mg, vitamin b12 12ug, potassium citrate 38mg, magnesium glycinate 18mg, calcium ascorbate 10mg
Non-medicial: sodium citrate 125mg, natural & articial flavor, citric acide, sucralose (xmg), maltodextrin

Ingredients – Ready-to-drink
Filtered water, citric acid, l-citrulline, l-glutamine, artificial flavour, sodium benzoate, tartrazine, l-leucine, caffeine, sucralose 130 mg/475 ml, magnesium glycinate, calcium ascorbate, potassium citrate, potassium sorbate, ascorbic acid, l-isoleucine, l-valine, vitamin b12

  • Sugar free
  • Low calories
  • Special blend of electrolytes and amino acids
  • Contains caffeine
  • Made from natural health products
  • Made in collaboration with Canada's leader in supplementation XPN

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Yes with a 15% fee if the product is in perfect condition.

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Yes, 1 year on manufacturing defects.

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Yes, Purolator calculates shipping costs directly on our website.

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