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Combo – Polaris Kit 36″ 2019 & Elka shock (front)

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The Stage 5 shocks are the top-end model featuring High-Flow technology, ultra-lightweight design and low-friction internal components. They are ideal for racers and enthusiasts who are looking for maximum performance and total control over all suspension parameters without compromise.

The Stage 4 shocks offer the performance of the latest technology in a package that is more accessible and easier to use. They are ideal for racers and weekend warriors who are looking for high-performance shocks with great adjustability of key parameters.

Our Trenchers 39" lower a-arms are stronger than your stock A-Arm thanks to the chromoly instead of aluminium. Our kit is bolt on and you do not have to remove anything from your stock A-Arm. Both sides included.

  • Shock: High-Speed Compression
  • Shock: Low-Speed Compression
  • Shock: Rebound
  • Shock: Spring Preload
  • Kit include 2 lower a-arms
  • Ball joints and bushings are included
  • Chromoly steel
  • OEM 36" width
  • Powder coated black
  • Fit on every Polaris RMK 2019 with React Suspension
  • You can still bolt your stock swaybar
  • Replacement parts available (ball joint, bushing)



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